One Tooth Down

Sagan Lost her first tooth last night.

sagan's first lost tooth

Apparently she wiggled it out all on her own. My daughter loses a tooth and I feel proud.

Crazy thing being a daddy.


  1. Until now I thought my son was the only person with the first name Sagan ! And yes, I too named him after the late Carl Sagan, a person who has been the single greatest influence on my life. I also discovered that Sagan is a small city in Poland (near the German border), and was the last place Johannes Kepler lived before his death. My wife’s family is part Polish, so this was a great tie in to her family as well. Like your daughter, my son is also 5 yrs. old . Have you heard of any other Sagan’s out there?

    Best Wishes

  2. Hey! You are getting a little behind with your information. :) Say hello to Claire for me! (I don’t think Sagan knows who I am…)

    Your old (and I mean that…sadly) hall director. ;)

  3. There are actually a growing number of human children and non-
    human “kids” all named after Carl Sagan. And so far, a
    significant percentage of those kids are vegetarian or vegan.

    I’d like to learn more about Sagan, Poland.

    If you were named for Carl Sagan, or your kids or animals were,
    please tell me your story at:
    SaganGathering (at)

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