Matthew 35, Bus 0

Much like 30, 35 is a milestone year. For what reason, I have no idea. I suppose it is because you are half way to 40. I didn’t get a motorcycle, but I did get some cool presents…

Best. Present. Ever.

do it for her

If you don’t understand what this picture means, go watch The Simpsons episode 2F10, And Maggie Makes Three. Definitely one of the most personal, and thoughtful presents I have ever received. Thank you Claire and Sagan! :)

Brilliant work.

william shatner has been

Yeah, yeah. It’s William Shatner. You may say he’s become a parody of himself, and has been for a long time. I say that Has Been trancends parody, and even self-parody simply because the people involved care about what they are doing and they are having fun. It’s agreat album and you should go buy it now.

As Mr. Stickel just reminded me, I am an old man. Ancient if you will. We all know I only have two years to live as most people don’t make it over the age of 35 anyway. Right? This is the mid-1500s, right? No? You mean I have at least another 35 years?

What the hell am I going to do with all that time? Maybe I’ll read War & Peace. 90 times.

Bitter? Yep. Bit him, too.

As this is my New Year, it’s time for a New Year’s resolution. I only have one: be inspired. Do what ever it takes to bring enjoyment and passion back to my work life. However that needs to happen, wherever that needs to happen. Much like sleeping, if you are going to spend one-third of you life working, you better do it right.

Happy Birthday, one day late, to Don Schenck!