UPA 2006 — Hitting the Road

I’ll be heading to Denver tomorrow morning to attend the annual Usability Professionals’ Association conference. I usually show up a few days early, but this year I just arrive the day before I really need to be there.

I am missing out on leadership meetings and hanging with some very nice people, but this weekend we had family from Oregon visiting, and I had some other news that will be causing great changes in the near future; which I won’t write about now, but will by next Tuesday-ish. I hate rules, but I am somewhat formal and other people need to be told first. In a roundabout way, it is related to this.

Regardless, the conference should be fun. I was trying to find someone to take my place, but no one could. Now that I have less than 10 hours before I board a plane I find I am looking forward to it. Except for the plane part. So far this year I have been to Austin, Seattle, and Boston. Not a lot of travelling for some but a lot for me. And with all those miles in such a short span of time, I am still no more comfortable flying than I was at the turn of the year.

I’ll be blogging the conference as I can. Last conference I tried to keep the technology out of the sessions and that worked somewhat, but I found little energy later to trasfer my paper notes to the site. This year I plan to type as I go.

Hopefully there will be as many people (at least) as there were last year. More people makes it more fun. But you are fun too, even though you didn’t get to go. :)

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  1. That’s right – I even gave you Core77 props for the promised DUX bloggin’ – which remains somewhere on (yikes) paper notes!

    Looking forward to your UPA notes (already some flickr stuff from Colorado online) and your future updates…

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