UPA 2006 — Hey, Aren’t You…

Someone just stopped me in the lobby saying, “I saw you in the elevator and was going to stop you, but…” The trailing off sentence of course meaning you simply don’t talk to people in the elevator. My guess was that she saw my name and recognised me from this site, or 9rules, or Business Logs


Does she know people from dayjob?


“I just wanted to say that I love State Farm.”


She is a very satisfied State Farm customer and just wanted to tell me that. Which is really cool. I also am a satisfied State Farm customer and have been for nigh-on (yes I said nigh-on, I am old you know) 20 years. Wouldn’t leave them unless I moved to a place where they didn’t do business.

But it was a cool connection. She didn’t realise SF (tired of typing it out) did usability. I said, oh yes they do. A lot of it. SF has a Human Factors group, Usability peeps, an Accessibility lab, and a large group of designers. All tolled it is roughly 50+ people. She was surprised.

It’s all about conneting with people here. And this year there are roughly 600 people to connect with. They expected 425ish. Which may be why I, and others, got kicked out of one of the first sessions due to fire code enforcement. Too many people in the room. Which was a bummer because I was really interested in the topic, Applying UCD Methods to Inform New Product Selection and Strategic Planning.

I also met Lui Wei who is studying Product Design at the University of Southern Denmark. He is just finishing up his degree and is looking for a job. You should talk to him. He seems like a cool, knowledgable person.

Next session is starting. Just wanted to jot this while it was fresh. Which is why this blogging thing is so easy and cool. :)