Moving to Boston — Can I Get a Woohoo?

I gave my notice at dayjob yesterday.

I have accepted a position at The MathWorks where I will be working on their .com presence. My start date is July 10th, but I likely won’t be living out there for a few weeks after that while we try to sell our house. Wanna buy a house? :)

I am looking forward to the change for a number of reasons. I’ve been at dayjob State Farm for 7 years now. Plenty long. I’ve been working on Web applications forever and it will be nice to focus for a while on an informational site with a more diverse user population. The MathWorks site also has a community aspect and a couple of blogs. I hope to get involved with that aspect of things as well.

In a way, I feel like my new job will allow me to play with design in a way I simply can’t at State Farm. No dig on State Farm, just not the right context for play.

Someone at the UPA conference asked me if I would recommend State Farm as a place to work. It was difficult to answer. The quick answer would be, yes. Except it’s a “yes, but…” from my point of view. It’s a great place to start a career, and probably a great place to end a career. It’s the whole middle part, which really is the biggest part, that doesn’t seem like the best place to be. Again, from my point of view. Which is why I am moving on.

MathWorks sounds like it will be a wonderful place to work. I have some worries (as if I couldn’t have worries about something!) that can only be allayed by working there for a while. If it turns out to be as good as it sounds, I will likely come calling to some of the people I know read here to see if you would like a new job. :)

I plan to not use the term “dayjob” on my site anymore. My new boss at MathWorks knows I blog and thinks it will be an asset. I agree. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have helped start Business Logs. ;) At the same time, I don’t foresee the need to start a MathWorks category on my site. If I get to that point then I need some room at ;)

Let me know if you live in the Boston area. MathWorks is located in Natick, MA which is about 20 miles West of Boston along the Turnpike. I have no idea where I will be living. Yet. All I know is that once I save up enough money to get a new laptop (my current laptop is dead, Jim), I will be getting a kayak and looking around for signs like this:

Kayak Xing

I have very few mental maps of the East Coast, and only one of the Boston area. I am West Coast, but my mom grew up on Long Island, so perhaps I will be able to fit in some.

If you live in the area, let me know. If you live here in Bloomington, seriously, wanna buy a house?


  1. You sound pretty excited about the change, so many congratulations are in order. It’s always nice to shake things up and head a different route every once in a while. Perhaps every 7 years…

  2. Congrats on the move!

    I tried to contact you some time ago via email and was unsuccessful. I got an email from Zach Inglis saying you referred him to me about getting settled in Columbus. I tried to email him back with some information, but I got a mailer-daemon at both of his email addresses. Do you know how I can get in touch with him?

  3. Geof: Much like we replenish our cells (or something like that) every 7 years?

    Colin: I plan on having a habitation warming party. Consider this an early invite.

    Beth: Thanks and I will pass this along to Zach. I did answer your email though; not sure why you didn’t get it…

  4. Matt, as i told you, Congratulations.

    Beth, I too replied a few times. Thank you so much for your help, it’s changed from Colombus to Illinois, close to where Matt lives now :) Thank you again, truly appreciated.

  5. You already know how psyched I am for ya buddy, but this is seriously a cause worthy of celebration. You earned it MANY times over, and I’m just glad things finally seemed to work out. Great job man!

  6. Perhaps I’m having some problems with my inbox, I got mailer daemons from both of you. Maybe it’s because I have all my mail rerouted to my gmail address, I’ll have to look into that.

    Anyhow, good luck in the new places to both of you! :)

  7. Congrats Matto. Sounds like you’re invigorated to start working and that’s always a good thing. Once you get all settled I may have to stop by for a visit myself ;^)

  8. Well, whaddya know, a lurker!

    Congratulations man, I saw the sign up at your house and was wondering. We’re having a cookout for my lovely wife’s birthday Saturday night, stop by if you like.

  9. MATT! Massachusetts?!? Wow. Do you remember when I was in Haverhill for one year? I miss you guys! Do you remember Rigel from Susanne Homes? She is now working at the school where I’m a dean. I hope you are all well. Write me! Tell Claire hi for me!

  10. Dean…quasi administrator…twice the work (Master schedule building, student scheduling, discipline, etc), only a little better pay than a teacher.. ;)

    And I did hate it, but it wasn’t all because of the geography. I’m sure you’ll all be fine! Being poor in a place with all that history is a bummer because you can’t ever go see any of it! Definitely go to Provincetown when you have time (tip of the cape). That and Salem were the two places I actually did get to see. (Salem was really cool, too)

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