— 21 June 2006 —

Moving to Boston — Can I Get a Woohoo?

I gave my notice at dayjob yesterday.

I have accepted a position at The MathWorks where I will be working on their .com presence. My start date is July 10th, but I likely won’t be living out there for a few weeks after that while we try to sell our house. Wanna buy a house? :)

I am looking forward to the change for a number of reasons. I’ve been at dayjob State Farm for 7 years now. Plenty long. I’ve been working on Web applications forever and it will be nice to focus for a while on an informational site with a more diverse user population. The MathWorks site also has a community aspect and a couple of blogs. I hope to get involved with that aspect of things as well.

In a way, I feel like my new job will allow me to play with design in a way I simply can’t at State Farm. No dig on State Farm, just not the right context for play.

Someone at the UPA conference asked me if I would recommend State Farm as a place to work. It was difficult to answer. The quick answer would be, yes. Except it’s a “yes, but…” from my point of view. It’s a great place to start a career, and probably a great place to end a career. It’s the whole middle part, which really is the biggest part, that doesn’t seem like the best place to be. Again, from my point of view. Which is why I am moving on.

MathWorks sounds like it will be a wonderful place to work. I have some worries (as if I couldn’t have worries about something!) that can only be allayed by working there for a while. If it turns out to be as good as it sounds, I will likely come calling to some of the people I know read here to see if you would like a new job. :)

I plan to not use the term “dayjob” on my site anymore. My new boss at MathWorks knows I blog and thinks it will be an asset. I agree. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have helped start Business Logs. ;) At the same time, I don’t foresee the need to start a MathWorks category on my site. If I get to that point then I need some room at mathworks.com/matthewsblog. ;)

Let me know if you live in the Boston area. MathWorks is located in Natick, MA which is about 20 miles West of Boston along the Turnpike. I have no idea where I will be living. Yet. All I know is that once I save up enough money to get a new laptop (my current laptop is dead, Jim), I will be getting a kayak and looking around for signs like this:

Kayak Xing

I have very few mental maps of the East Coast, and only one of the Boston area. I am West Coast, but my mom grew up on Long Island, so perhaps I will be able to fit in some.

If you live in the area, let me know. If you live here in Bloomington, seriously, wanna buy a house?

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