Pimping Avalonstar

I got a package in the mail today…

Revyver Package

So I opened it up and did what everyone does when they get a new t-shirt in the mail… Wash it!

When that was done I thought I would strike a pose, just like Bryan.

Bryan Veloso © him

Well, not “just like” but I think this picture captures what Bryan was thinking at the time his picture was taken.

Damn, I am handsome!

Thanks, Bryan! It fits like a glove!

[update] I would like to add, since more people than I expected will now see this, that the shirt is very comfortable, does actually fit well, and that the fabric is very soft (even before washing it). So go buy one right now. They aren’t that expensive and well worth it.


  1. I keep looking at this picture of me and thinking… “Get. In. My. Belly!”

    @jouse. Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

    @Jon. I suppose since i have a new job at which I shall stay for a while, this could be my new “about” pic… ;)

  2. I see the striking resemblance between the two of you. Are you guys sure you’re not related? ;)

  3. Dood…just got into work and checked the RSS feed…not the sort of thing I need to see this early in the morning.

    Also do you not use th cupboards in your kitchen?

  4. Rob, do you ask because there are no door pulls? When we painted the kitchen, we took the “stirrup style” door pulls off. Decided to not put them back on because it made the kitchen look more modern and because all the doors have a little recessed area at the bottom to allow for easy opening.

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