1. So far so good. Except now I am running into the whole “Matthew is SO non-techie” while trying to install WordPress… :(

    As I said to Colin, now I get why people go with hosted blogging solutions. ;)

  2. Digital Web Magazine has been with Media Temple for a while now and it’s awesome. Not just the uptime, but the responsiveness of the company as a whole. BTW, you’re not the only site switching to Media Temple this week. Expect to see an announcement shortly.

  3. I’ve been with MT for about 2 months – and only wish that I would have switched years ago, instead of fumbling around with Site5.

  4. Really? I’d consider myself a non-techie as well, but of the self-installs, WordPress is by far the easiest, usually taking only a few short steps.

    MovableType 3.3 is drastically simpler than 3.2.

    If you want scary, try and hook up Drupal.

  5. One of the big issues was trying to set up better (in my mind) permalinks. Still can’t get it to work and none of the docs I read are helpful.

    Another issue, I am sad to say, was that I copied all the WP files into the wrong folder on (mt) and couldn’t figure out why the site wasn’t loading. Yeah…

    But by far the biggest headache was porting over my content. WP kept crashing. Then I learned of the file size limit (which is non-numerical). I broke up the posts and it still didn’t work. Eventually I got it, but what a headache.

    And now I am experiencing the, “why can’t I view all the posts from one category and change all their categories in one fell swoop?!?!” WP Admin needs work.

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