After a shite-load of issues, most of which come up because of WordPress’s for-shit documentation, and a lot of well intentioned answers that only answer part of the issue, 95% of the content of my Typepad site is now here.

Setting up the Media Temple stuff wasn’t much fo a gas either. Again, documentation lacks.

And yes, I will be redoing the design. Hopefully it will turn out well. This move to WordPress is somewhat an experiement, but now I have to re-learn how to manage a site since WordPress terminology (wtf is a post slug?) and set up is a lot different than what I have been used to.

Please email me if you see any glaring issues.

6 replies on “Finally”

  1. Are you kidding me? Did you purposely select a color palette to compliment the Site Pal ho? Because this seriously sets off her eyes.

  2. Matthew. Congratulations on your new look — on the website design I mean.
    I’m having trouble with your choice of color: There is little contrast between text colors and background. Did you consider other text colors for that background color.

    Actually I remember Winamp (back in the 1.x days) had a website with a similar background color, but their text was brighter orange/yellow as far as I recall.

    Even though my eyes are fine and healthy I prefer reading your site after pressing CTRL A to select all text. That makes text white on a blue background.

  3. I am still in flux from the move so I haven’t had time to mess with the design. Basically the look is as it is “out of the box.” I do undertsand what you mean though. Once my furniture and things arrive and we get settled I will be changing the look of the site.

    Although, really Matthew… how long does it take to change a hex value for the body text…? Not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

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