Technorati is Freaking Me Out

Well, perhaps just the advertisers they allow on their site.

technorati advert.

This thing freaks me out on so many levels. The head and eyes follow the mouse movement. It talks. It says the sentence I type in (“This is a horrible thing”). It takes me to a page that yells at me without warning some more that queries me as to my knowledge of many businesses using this “service” to make millions of dollars.

Sound delievered via a web page without my initiating the sound will make me hate you. Fine if this is a cool way to interact with customers, but since a customer types your URL as a way of starting a conversation, let them also start the conversation if you use this type of interation on your site.

Does this type of thing really work?


  1. Okay… that is a little disturbing. I don’t think this SitePal is a good thing. I can think of good applications, but Jesus playing host to a church web site? Nuh-uh.

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