Waiter! There’s an RFID in My Soup!

Y’know what’d be sweet? Food with RFID tags built in. I don’t mean actually in the food (necessarily) but in the packaging.

For a snack, I just had an Odwalla Berries GoMEGA drink and an Odwalla Super Protein bar. Both products have some nutrition info printed on them as required by law, but the formats of each are different. This makes it difficult to compare the two foods and difficult to add up how much Potassium (for example) I just ate.

Now, if I had my handy-dandy RFID reader I would swipe each product and the data would be added for each product as well as adding to the aggregate data. Why would I need aggregate data? Why, for my also handy-dandy Food Journal!

Think about it, swipe your food and upload the data to you computer then crunch the numbers. How much fat did you just ingest with that meal? How much for the day or week? Did you go over a preset, or self-set limit? The swiping device could beep at you if there was too much of a self-set attribute (like saturated fat), or if the product contains walnuts, or is manufactured by RJ Reynolds.

It’s all well and good to read the labels, which I do, but it is difficult to put all that data together in your head in order to make sound body-business decisions. Decisions about what to fuel your body with are important. I realise they aren’t important to everyone, which is why this device would cost a shite-load of money to begin with, not to mention the infrastructure changes…

But you could do a lot with the data. Take it to your doctor, build necessary shopping lists, or let someone else shop for you based on what you normally buy and your dietary needs. I know this kind of thing would help me. I already eat pretty healthy. What will get rid of the gut is exercise and that’s a whole other issue. Does blogging count as exercise?