Technorati Data (Yes, Again)

I am still not seeing any changes to Technorati‘s data quality. One would suspect that the data is all being pulled from one place and thus served to each page, even in a different view, equally.

The first view is that of Technorati’s home page with me logged in:

technorati list 1.

The second view is the search results of which does have an accurate representation of my site.

technorati list 2.

I sent them a message asking about the data quality issue… not word yet

technorati message contact.


  1. I have to back you up on this. It is a constant source of irritation, and has led me to have a deep distrust of any result I see there.

    On my T’rati search page, I consistently see contradictory results for my own blogs – to the point where, in the header part it says “mikro2nd’s blogs – Last updated 3 days ago” whilst, on the same page, in the “Most Recent Posts” listing, it will have the most recent posts as (say) “1 hour ago”.

    Thanks to this, coupled with their arrogant and tardy response to queries on this and other tech-support issues, I have come to hold a very low opinion of Technorati.

  2. I have had the same problems. Though, to add to that one of my blogs is not getting the ping updated anymore. And, I too have had no response.

  3. I had huge problems with Technorati. They couldn’t get my WordPress ping update for the longest time. I must have sent them four support tickets over the course of a month and a half. I’m not really a web traffic whore and really only do my site to write and CSS experiment, but they finally fixed my problem with numerous prods.

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