Pink for October

I am starting up an event site called Pink for October ( I hope to convince thousands of sites to change their designs to incorporate the colour pink and bring notice for National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and maybe raise some money for breast cancer research while we are at it.

Let me know if you have time to contribute, or if you’d like to join in in Going Pink for October.


  1. Hey, I posted at the other site, then came here for contact info but couldn’t find it. I’d love to help with a banner/button set if you need something to get this going. I’ve got some nice pink ribbons I used on a client’s breast cancer ad banner last year that I can work with.

  2. Yeah… :( I am getting on it right now. It’s been a “day” so to speak. I will have contact info up on the main site in a few minutes. In the mean time you can email me at matthew [at] usabilityworks [dot] org.

  3. Great idea for a great cause. I’m putting together a blog on the Seattle Marathon & will go pink in October to show my support.

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