2 Days to Pink

I’ll be pinkifying this site this weekend, going pink for october.

We have 100 sites (that I have found via Bloglines, Technorati, referrer logs, and emails form the site owners) on board for the event. We’ve been getting about 4 a day, so hopefully we’ll crest 110 by the time October 1 rolls around.

Pink for October is also now listed (not by me) in the Wikipedia entry for Breast Cancer. I’ve also convinced my “new hire group” to theme our party* Pink for October. And this pink thing is impacting life in other areas as well.

What’s been a bit difficult is getting the word out beyond word-of-mouth. Don’t get me wrong, word-of-mouth (or more appropriately word-of-blog) has worked. But I have contacted some high traffic sites to enquire about advertising. I don’t mind shelling out a few bucks to get the word out. But I didn’t receive one response. I specifically sent email to these sites via the “advertise with us” links. Nothing. Just a little frustrating.

But this event was all thrown together ad hoc. Things like this are to be expected. I’ve learned a few things that I will apply to the next event and to next year’s Pink for October.

As always, I value your feedback. Let me know if you have ideas about how to improve things.

*New hire groups have a big party once they finish company training/orientation.


  1. Heh. I listed it in the Wikipedia article. ^-^

    Don’t forget, I’m working on getting two other forums to change their templates, and they are both highly considering it. (Overclockers Forum, Overclocker’s Revolution)

  2. Matthew — if you have time I can help you with some PR –press release to go to mainstream media and online etc…email me at joycecom@aol.com. I have time to talk tomorrow and get out a quick release for the month — what an amazing idea…I’m going to blog about it right now…js

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