The Power of Reblogging

Brandon Meek just took advantage of the “easy reblogging” addendum I made on one of my last posts on Business Logs.

I had written up a dripping-with-sarcasm post called 10 Tips to Better Blogging and added a section at the bottom, repleat with spelling error (yeah, “error”), that I felt would make it easier for others to do a quick post on their site about my brilliant 10+1 list.

Thanks Brandon for seeing my brilliance! I hope you found the reblogging as easy as I hoped.

Sadly, I may have been too brilliant. Even though the sarcasm was more than apparent, most of the tip are actually worthwhile. Even when I try to be bad I am good. It’s a curse.

Yes, I did just reblog a reblog.


Woo! The Tech Tray sees my brilliance, too! Bloody brilliant!


  1. Fantastic that you manage to blog a story here about the blog entry at businesslogs. By the way, I’m very entertained.

    By the way, it was great meeting you in person. Hope to see you again soon. Drop me a note when you’re in Europe/Denmark.

    PS. It’s bloody hard to find your mail address on this web site, so drop me a mail, will ya’?

  2. The reason it’s hard to find my email address is because I meant to add a contact form to the site with this redesign, but I forgot. :)

    If you need to reach me just email: matthew at this site’s domain name.

  3. Hehe, I couldn’t resist, I enjoyed it too much. I enjoy your site. Keep it up.

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