— 14 October 2006 —

The Power of Reblogging

Brandon Meek just took advantage of the “easy reblogging” addendum I made on one of my last posts on Business Logs.

I had written up a dripping-with-sarcasm post called 10 Tips to Better Blogging and added a section at the bottom, repleat with spelling error (yeah, “error”), that I felt would make it easier for others to do a quick post on their site about my brilliant 10+1 list.

Thanks Brandon for seeing my brilliance! I hope you found the reblogging as easy as I hoped.

Sadly, I may have been too brilliant. Even though the sarcasm was more than apparent, most of the tip are actually worthwhile. Even when I try to be bad I am good. It’s a curse.

Yes, I did just reblog a reblog.


Woo! The Tech Tray sees my brilliance, too! Bloody brilliant!

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