I Am Not Alton Brown — Save That Cereal

While filming the last episode (Baby Broccoli) I learned my lesson and left the camera near the kitchen. Lucky me since I was able to capture a quick tip for not wasting cereal and making good cookies to boot.

Save That Cereal
save that cereal
Special Guest Star: Sagan Oliphant

This time we look at something that occurred to me a few years ago when I was making oatmeal cookies, got to the point of needing to add oatmeal, and realised I had none. That day I had finished a box of Kashi Autumn Wheat (highly recommended) having complained loudly to myself that these cereals sure do waste a lot with all those broken bits at the bottom of the bag (not highly recommended).

Suddenly, a light bulb went on. Which was odd since the bulb in the kitchen overhead had been burned out for some time… I could use the cereal just like oatmeal! Bloody brilliant!

The cookies have quickly become a signature hit at the office. People always ask, “What are they?” But in a curious, non-disgusted kind of way. I don’t have a snappy name for the cookies but a potential contender is MCBs or Milky Cereal Babys. Yeah, needs work, but milk and cereal are key ingredients.

So save that bottom-of-the-bag cereal. Get an air-tight container and stop wasting your money.