Holiday Sales… Already?

Each year I hear people say, “Christmas is starting earlier and earlier.” I don’t really dig christmas too much and loathe the commercialism of the winter holidays (okay, most every holiday). I’ve already started to see Thanksgiving stuff showing up in stores and ads for Thanksgiving sales.

The day after Thanksgiving is colloquially called Black Friday. Everyone and anyone that calls themselves a good consumer hits the streets at 4am, or earlier depending on the sale, to find the best of what our democratic capitalist society has to offer. Well, not everyone…

There are those, who are in the know, who will participate in Buy Nothing Day. They will stay at home snug under their recently crocheted blankets of self-satisfaction and organic wool. Keep in mind these people are better than you so there’s no reason to get upset with them for their anti-capitalist ways. I will likely be one of them.

The other group not participating in Black Friday will be the good folks at my local (when I used to live there) Apple store. They serve up RSS content different from their site and usually offer special deals only to RSS readers. This week came a special deal that I wish would catch on around the country (can’t speak to the blackness of Friday’s in other countries, though feel free to enlighten).

Tomorrow, we will tease you about an After Thanksgiving Sale on our website. We are closed Friday November 24th to be with our families. Friday after Thanksgiving is too insane to shop.
We will have a week-long sale with tons of deals from Monday, November 27th thru Friday, December 1st. No need to rush, it lasts all week. Some deals will be exclusive to RSS readers.

I like that. The people at the store are telling me two things: 1) they’re human and would like to take part in positive human-to-human activities that don’t involve ch-ching sounds, and 2) they would prefer that I do the same so when I come in to take advantage of some “great deals” I will be well rested and not strain myself reaching once again for that broken-transactional-system called a credit card.

If only I could shop there. Though regardless how nice they are at that store I don’t get enough warm fuzzies to drive 2000 miles for just for Apple products. Oh that’s right, you heard me. Apple isn’t worth 2000 miles of my time.