— 5 November 2006 —

World Usability Day — November 14

World Usability Day is in roughly 9 days. How will you celebrate?

world usability day map

Well, celebrate may be the wrong word. How will you enlighten others to how Usability can and does improve the way they live?

The importance of usability is not trivial; it is connected to important everyday things such as education, healthcare and safety. Tools and systems that are usable are more effective in teaching students. Healthcare professionals can be more confident with safer and understandable tools providing better quality healthcare to their patients. Government institutions can rely on easy to use and understandable voting machines to insure accurate and democratic elections. Usable technology makes a difference to everyone, everywhere around the world.

Can’t make it to an event? There’s a cornucopia of usability-related webcasts and podcasts available on the 14th as well.

I have my pick of 4 local events: Card Sorting, Web Accessibility: What’s New and WCAG2 (likely some electric boogaloo there too), A Variety of activities at the Boston Museum of Science (I wonder if Dr. Science will be there), and Improving Learning Opportunities for All Students.

What are you going to do to make the world more useful, usable, and satisfying? I have an idea: take your favorite Web 2.0 site and make it actually useful, usable, and satisfying. :) There’s plenty to choose from that need that kind of attention.

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