Pro CSS Techniques — A PreReview

My close personal friend Dan Rubin (yes the Dan Rubin) just told me his book Pro CSS Techniques is available for preorder on Amazon.

Pro CSS Techniques book

In Dan’s own words…

Oh, it’s the best book out there, and that’s a totally unbiased opinion. Everyone on the planet will love it.

With praise like that, I suspect getting your order in now would be a good idea. I’d order at least 2 since the second one will make a good holiday present to your loved one or at least that one designer in your group that needs a passive-aggressive reminder that they really, really suck. And yes, my coworkers already got me one.

I asked Dan about the cover art. I felt it was a little bland given the sheer magnitude of importance this book will heave upon th world. He said that, in the end, it was all up to the focus groups. Basically they wanted Dan to be able to retain a modicum of privacy in his upcoming boost to fame. They felt the option below would put him too much in the spotlight and that they’d have to share His Eminence with others more than they were willing to put up with.

Pro CSS Techniques book Dan's Version

I can see it either way. Regardless, you should buy the book and also enter the contest to have Dan come to your house to film an episode of his upcoming series, Cooking With CSS. It’s basically Take Home Chef meets Terminator.