Sexing Up History

I just saw an ad on Spike TV for The History Channel‘s Dogfights.

The announcer says something to the extent of, “Dogfights just like in video games… only deadlier.”

Deadlier? -lier? How about just “deadly.”

I realize the context of the commercial: Spike TV. I mean, if this channel could they’d add oiled, scantily-clad, air-brushed goddesses to this episode of ST:TNG. But why does the History Channel feel the need to sex up history.

*Thinks back to history classes in high school.*

Oh, well okay then. But still…

As an aside, who writes this stuff?

The new series DOG FIGHTS recreates famous battles using state-of-the-art computer graphics. With up to 25 percent of the program consisting of animation, viewers will feel like they’re in the battle, facing the enemy. First-hand accounts will drive the story. Rare archival footage and original shooting supplement the remarkable computer graphics.

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  1. The advertising campaign for the show wasn’t done by the VFX or production crew, but someone History Channel deemed worthy that could bring in a younger audience. We felt the relation to video games with these pilots’ stories really cheapened what they did. Luckily they stopped the ads and replaced them with teasers for what’s coming up next.

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