— 14 November 2006 —

Investing in UX

How can you support a better User Experience? Why not invest in it?

The UX Fund is an investment experiment inspired by Jeneanne Rae and the Design Council. We believe that companies that deliver a great user experience will see it reflected in their stock price.

The fund is comprised of 10 companies that we feel do great user experience. We invested $50,000 USD (about $5,000 in each company) on November 1, 2006. Shares must be held for 1 year.

The Teehan+lax UX Fund currently tracks to 10 companies that they believe, and mostly I agree, do a great job providing a holistic (my word) user experience. The only company on the list I am not so sure about is Nike. They have a history of not being all that helpful to the environment and the people who build their products. If we want to look at the entire User Experience we should look at how all constituents are impacted by a company’s activities.

Still, I think the concept behind this is sound. Why not support companies who “get it?” There are Green Funds, why not UX Funds…

Now, if I just had some money to invest. It still kills me that I couldn’t invest in Apple when it was hovering between 13 and 16. It kills one of my friends who I told to invest and he didn’t listen. Apple is at ~84 after a split. His 1k$ investment would have resulted in a ~10k$ return. Doh!

Scott, here it is: I told you so!

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