I Am Not Alton Brown — Baby Broccoli

I know a little bit about cooking and baking. I’m no Alton Brown, but I do alright. I realised the other night, whilst slicing a red pepper, that the little bit I know could be shared via this wonderful world of video and blogs. Who knew!

But… To do it right, I’d need a Hi-def video camera, good lighting, Alton Brown to host… And frankly, that’s been my excuse for not doing it. Not the Alton part, the other stuff. So last night, whilst planning to sauté some veg, I grabbed my Canon A75, put it in movie-mode and made the following quick tip for dealing with Baby Broccoli.

Cooking Baby Broccoli
baby broccoli cooking tip

This can of course be used for any broccoli, not just the baby kind. A lot of cooking tricks like this are second nature to me, but having cooked before a live, home audience apparently the tricks are not second nature to everyone.

You may already know how to sauté broccoli without over cooking it, stems and all. Good on ya. But for those who don’t, hopefully this will help. I am going to try to do more of these. The red pepper one will be good because I keep seeing people make the same, often dangerous mistake when cutting them (a definite usability angle with this one).

Now if I could just afford another red pepper. :)

And if you just can’t stand the thought of cooking, head on over to HeatEatReview.com and follow Abi’s teachings.