It’s A Neighborhood of Dead People!

I live in Framingham, MA now. Your condolences are welcome. :) Just kidding. It’s not such a bad place to live. But apartment living isn’t as wonderful as you might think, especially after being a home owner.

In fact, we are still homeowners, having yet to sell our house back in good ol’ Bloomington, Illinois. But that isn’t exactly the point of this story. It’s all about the neighborhood after all.

Living apartment-style will be fine for a while, but we are already hankering for our own non-attached-to-other-people’s-walls style of living. I’ve been using Trulia for most of my searching. They’ve been improving greatly from when I first stumbled upon them a few months ago. The only thing I don’t like is that they use Google Maps but the interaction design is different. Double-clicking on Google Maps will center and zoom. On Trulia, it just centers. Not a big deal, but I do tend to use both sites while searching for houses instead of just Trulia.

The other day I found what looked like a cute house only a few blocks away from where we are now living. Sagan and I walked over there today, across the closed bridge on Main Street and past the cemetery. The aptly named “Old Burying Ground Cemetery.”

Sagan and I decided to walk though the cemetery. She had come by previously with Claire, but felt afraid of it. Today we went in and looked at a bunch of headstones. The place feels like it is falling apart. But it is also old. There are roughly 70 people buried there that were soldiers (I assume) in the Revolutionary War. But beyond the ravages of age, the place looks bad.

While walking through Sagan made a statement; a loud one as young’uns are oft to do. “Daddy! This is a neighborhood of dead people!” Yes, I replied. It is. And the fun thing is that this neighborhood of dead people is basically the back yard of that cute house we were walking to see.

Ye Olde Dead People’s Neighborhood
curve street highlight

I think it would be cool to sit on the deck off the master bedroom, sipping coffee, watching one of the quietest places on the planet. Sagan thinks so, too. Not the coffee part though. I suggested that we make a map of the cemetery. She thought that would be a cool idea.

I think it would be a cool idea too. Especially since the place seems to have been forgotten. I’m not a big fan of burying bodies as a way to manage dead people. Much prefer the burning and spreading of ashes. But I also think that old cemeteries should be taken care of. Someone took the trouble to set aside valuable land for the specific purpose of honouring those passed. We should accept that responsibility willingly. If only we weren’t so afraid of death…

Neighborhoods are neighborhoods: you take care of them and they will take care of you. Eventually.