Example #309 My Daughter Is Odd

Today is Saturday. It is morning. Saturday morning. When a 6-year-old gets up on a Saturday morning she is supposed to say, “Daddy, can I watch cartoons?” You can imagine that, right? Now, reread the title of this post. I’ll wait.

Sagan gets up and says to me on this Saturday morning, “Daddy, can I watch Reduced Shakespeare Company?” My daughter is odd.

reduced shakespeare company

So we are watching the Reduced Shakespeare Company do Shakespeare Abridged. So far the questions have been, “What does “bimbo” mean,” and “What’s a lobotomy?” She also noted they don’t use real swords, probably plastic or ceramic. And of course she cracks up at all the gratuitous vomiting.

If you are looking for a break from mostly crap cartoons on Saturday morning, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to come up with a good definition off-the-cuff as to what is a bimbo The Reduced Shakespeare Company – The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).