Flailing About The Stage Does Not A Good Musician Make

I skated (yes you heard right) to the Ventures in the 80s. Had I been born a decade prior, I still would have skated to the Ventures. A decade prior to that and 5000 south I would have surfed to them.

Well, back then I would have surfed between listening to them. Damn lack of iPod 20 years before I was born! Stoopid hi-fi. Should have started with onthefly-fi. Hey, I’m sick today, I can imagine what I want and write about it obtusely (more so than usual). Anyway…

I found this on youtube today.

These guys aren’t moving around much and are still able to play great music. Not like kids these days… ;) Or perhaps this is proof that musicians act how their fans expect them to act. And that’s likely the only way they become popular.

Even on a day like today I’d love to be able to break out my Duane Peters Santa Cruz pig deck with awesome (technical term) gold Tracker trucks and red K65 Kryptonic wheels, and my iPod of course; tuned to Stop Action.

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