Lexus Self-Parking “Usability” Test

Now, this is obviously a joke (perhaps staged is a better word), but the video below shows three guys using the self-park feature on a Lexus with hilarious results (as Troy McClure would say).

You gotta wonder if Lexus did this kind of thing when they were developing the self-park feature. Give a couple of people a car and a camera (let them keep the camera as payment) and given them an afternoon to test out a few features. Likely, Lexus engineers would get something like the movie above only it wouldn’t be as funny and there would be a lot more cussing.

I haven’t used the self-park feature. Nor have I driven a Lexus. Still, if anyone from Lexus would like to give me a car and a camera (and let me keep the car as payment) I’d be happy to run a few studies.

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  1. Hi!
    On a 94 Lexus es300 engine runs very smoothly but dies suddenly. was only intermittent but now only runs a minute or two and dies every time. sometimes will restart when key is turned completely off and back on. or sometimes takes a few minutes before it will restart. when it dies, there is no spark. have replaced crank position sensor and “exciter.” can’t drive the car to have codes read at shop (and Autozone says they can only read 96 & above). check engine light stays on. what do you recommend? Thanks!

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