— 6 December 2006 —

Lexus Self-Parking “Usability” Test

Now, this is obviously a joke (perhaps staged is a better word), but the video below shows three guys using the self-park feature on a Lexus with hilarious results (as Troy McClure would say).

You gotta wonder if Lexus did this kind of thing when they were developing the self-park feature. Give a couple of people a car and a camera (let them keep the camera as payment) and given them an afternoon to test out a few features. Likely, Lexus engineers would get something like the movie above only it wouldn’t be as funny and there would be a lot more cussing.

I haven’t used the self-park feature. Nor have I driven a Lexus. Still, if anyone from Lexus would like to give me a car and a camera (and let me keep the car as payment) I’d be happy to run a few studies.

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