Bloglines Job Opening — Bloglines Director

I don’t want my current manager to get nervous about the following statement, but I would love to have the Bloglines Director position at, you guessed it,

As the GM of Bloglines you will be responsible for overall management of Bloglines including driving and overseeing the product, partner, marketing, customer acquisition and PR strategy and operations of the business. You will be the primary public spokesperson for Bloglines and will be expected to be a leading voice in the industry by conveying enthusiasm and passion for both Bloglines and the blogging/online syndicated content industry.

My first order of business would be to command my minions to produce a video, a podcast, a nice graphic without gradients, and a 100 words or less piece of copy that all describe just WTF is RSS.

Second I would make the Clippings tab better by providing an RSS feed and a permalink to the content. And make some blog platform plugins for people to pull the content in to their own blogs. I am interested to know how much people use the Blog tab on Bloglines so I would save any plans for that to be based on the amount people actually use it.

Thirdly, I’d rack up a shiteload of frequent flyer miles by hitting all the web, writing, publishing, and blogging conferences I could find. My minions could come too. They will have haute laptops and could do work on the road. And I would buy them lousy t-shirts. (“My boss went to a conference and all he got me was this lousy t-shirt.” I’m nice like that.) We’d all spend a lot of time talking to people about their feeding habits and what they like about Google Reader. I would expand what I thought about Google Reader too.

Fourthly, I would blog about my job. I’d write and do video, but I wouldn’t do any self-produced podcasting. I just don’t find the value proposition of podcasting to be worth it over the long haul.

Fifthly, I would make my minions develop my super-secret feed reader that about 14 people know about. I’d make them develop it while I wore my Tom Landry hat too. And hammocks… everyone gets a hammock.

The funny thing is I think I’d be good at this job. But unless I knew someone there, I don’t think they would be interested in me. “He’s some usability guy, right? Huh…” Plus, I doubt they could afford me. :)

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