Sagan At 6

sagan at 6 years old
Happy Birthday, Sagan!

Sagan is very excited to be six. I woke her up this morning singing Happy Birthday. She got a small smile on her face, frowned, and smiled again. Kids are so funny in how they react sometimes to attention. Makes me wonder where she gets it from… :)

Every time you come to the anniversary of something you tend to reflect on the original event. I am finding it more difficult to recall what happened 6 years ago today. I’ve told the story enough times that I know generally what happened, but many details are lost. I was the first person, after the nurse, to hold Sagan. I carried her from the cleaning table (them kids is messy when they comes out) down the hall to a room with a special bed that provides extra oxygen. Claire laid on the operating table while the doctors put her intestines back in order. Slacker.

In about an hour Sagan will be exactly 6. We had a Friend Party on Wednesday and we’ll have a Family Party tonight. We’re taking her out to Oga’s for sushi. Sagan loves the avocado roll. Not so much with the wasabi though. She got a lot of presents at her Friend Party and we have a couple more for tonight.

We do Birthday Week so in a way she’s got four more days of birthday. I am taking her to the bookstore tomorrow to buy more chapter books. I’ve been reading the A to Z Mysteries to her. It’s a nice change from reading picture books and gets her used to stories with more structure and detail. Sagan is starting to be able to read some words and is able to sound out most words she sees. Reading is just around the corner!

I am very happy to be Sagan’s father. I know you are supposed to say that, especially when you are publishing the sentiment, but I will also say that there was a long period of time where I didn’t feel great about it. Largely that was due to not feeling great about myself and had very little (if anything) to do with Sagan. I guess I have hit a point where I am comfortable with my role; comfortable having someone rely on me almost 100%. That’s something no one can convey to you when you are thinking of or about to have kids.

So, Sagan… since you can’t read the above I want to give you a sentence that I know you can read:

Happy Birthday, Sagan! I Love You!

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