Crazy — Landing A Plane Without Wheels

Via Stammy, I am filling this under “Holy Crap! That’s Cool!” however I wouldn’t want to have to go through it…

Emergency Landing Without Gear – video powered by Metacafe

It looks like a smoother landing than I’ve had on most of my flights, but of course that point of view is deceiving. Each shift and bump you feel as your body tried to keep up with the moving plane is far more freaky on the inside. A while ago, I was watching a travel show with Samantha Brown and they showed her plane landing. From the camera’s point of view (hence mine) it was moving around a bit in the cross-wind but seemed to do fine. When Samantha got off the plane she was visibly shaken saying it was the most terrifying landing of her life. And she travels a lot.

I really hate flying. Certainly I enjoy the convenience of getting places relatively quickly (once the plane actually takes off), but it just scares me anymore. I spend the whole flight imagining the wings falling off. It takes a lot of concentration to not go completely freaky and I always try to fall asleep no matter how short the flight.

Big planes bother me more than small ones. Which is completely backwards. Big planes fly higher therefore have more time to recover, if that is possible, from a problem in-flight. I have a friend who is a mechanic on small engine planes. He once said to me, “It’s amazing just how many things can be broken on a plane and it can still fly.”

Small comfort that.