Barack Obama Starts Presidential Exploratory Committee

It’s over a year and a half until the election day that, thanks the the US Constitution, will give us a new president. There will be many hopefuls. And by hopefuls I actually mean wannabes. I have no idea who will end up winning primary elections, but I find the following… hopeful.

Whether you find Barack Obama to your political taste or not, take a few moments and listen to what he has to say.

I will vote for the person I think will do the best job. If that ends up being Barack, he gets my vote. If that ends up being Jeb Bush… I will write in myself. Since technically this is an election where I am allowed to run for president.

But enough about me and my presidential aspirations. Here’s a piece from NPR on Barack’s announcement.


  1. Barack
    I am a Canadian who follows US politics with interest. You are truly a ” breath of fresh air”. Your country and the world is in tremendous need for someone of your calibre to ” run for the top”.
    Sincerely, your friend from the north.

  2. I know more about Barack because I have been living in Illinois until recently. I don’t know much about Hilary’s politics in general other than the impression I have that she is a “centrist” Democrat.

    If I thought she was a better candidate than Barack I would vote for her but I don’t really know that much about her. About her professional life I mean.

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