Request for Study Participation

I received this notice via the Contextual Design group on Yahoo!.

The questionnaire is for HCI practitioners and researchers who have been conducting laboratory or field studies. It is intended to gather data about the purposes, challenges and opinions of field and lab methods internationally. Later on we hope to make a summary available for the whole HCI community.

Please forward the questionnaire to as many colleagues as possible. All the responses are anonymous and they will be utilized for research purposes only. Thank you for your participation, your answer is valuable to us.

Gratefully yours,

Mia Lahteenmaki, Nokia Research Center Helsinki and Helsinki University iof Technology, Finland

Sari Kujala, Institute of Human-Centered Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Kelly Monahan, Sharon McDonald, Gilbert Cockton Human Computer Systems Group, University of Sunderland, U.K.
firstname.lastname@ sunderland.

Now… on to the questionnaire.