HCI Masters Degree — Where Can We Do the Distance Thing?

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about a presentation at UPA 2004 on HCI Masters degree programmes.

I received a new comment on that post last night, and being a good blog owner responded to the question on the post. But I got to thinking that it might be time to ask again:

Where can someone go, without going, to get a HCI Masters Degree, Distance Style?!

When I was living in Bloomington, Illinois, it wasn’t at all convenient to drive up to Chicago to attend DePaul’s HCI programme. I wanted to do things remotely given I couldn’t quit my dayjob.

If you know of any distance programmes in HCI or in a related field, please let me know. And if you’d like to talk up your non-distance HCI programme, by all means go for it.


  1. Interesting post.

    I’m looking to do something similar in the UK if anyone is aware of
    somewhere I can study part time?

  2. There is a distance M.S. curriculum in Human-Computer Interaction offered through the Education for Working Professionals program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. I live in San Francisco, CA and am considering this program.

  3. Living in Minnesota, I’ve found the only school to offer a masters degree related to the CHI field is the state university. Further, they only offer it as a minor with a masters interdisciplinary program.

    I’ve searched for a distance program for over a year now. I’m surprised and relieved someone is recommending a school. Thank you, thank you.

  4. I know this post may be a bit stale, but as of today, if you’re not in the Rensselaer distance program, you’re out of luck. I just received a message stating that they are phasing their distance learning programs out. I’m pretty disappointed since I was leaning towards this program over another I found (Rochester Institute of Technology) I was particularly interested in Rensselaer’s HCI certificate program.
    Part of their stated reasoning for eliminating the program is that “…it is critical that our
    faculty remain focused on building the Institute’s academic stature.”
    So.. I guess distance learning is a black mark on an institution now? Even for a technologically-focused program. Very disappointing.
    If anyone else has information on an HCI distance program I’d love it as well. I live in New York (shocked that there isn’t a local program for me to go to, distance or not) and as I mentioned before, RIT has a program (for now) that can be viewed here: http://www.rit.edu/emcs/ptgrad/online/1495.php3

  5. I too have been searching for this answer and have found:

    Masters – HCI (Online) – Iowa State Univ (starting Fall 08)
    Masters – Human Factors in Information Design – Bentley (new program with limited online participants for now, should increase in 2009)

    I’ll try to post any other programs I find as well.

  6. The “Respond Eloquently Below” is great! I too continue to search for an online HCI or UX masters program. Has anyone had any luck?

  7. Hey Ara,

    Did you join Depaul? I just got accepted there. I was wondering if you liked it or if anyone else here knows anything about the Depaul distance learning program. Thanks!


  8. DePaul’s program is pathetic. The learning models are antiquated. The iPad app used to view lectures is extremely buggy. Professors are prone to excessive double-talk. They give written finals that require proctors. It’s the absolute worst online learning experience I’ve ever had. I recommend avoiding it at all costs.

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