Make Me A Speaker (.com)

Make Me A Speaker was launched just yesterday by Meri Williams.

Make Me A Speaker is a wiki that allows people to connect (or more to the point, broadcast their desire to connect) with others about becoming a public speaker, or becoming a better one. The basic idea is that there are people who can act as mentors, and people who want to be mentored. Why not provide a space where they can connect?

When I saw the initial announcement on Twitter, I thought, “This is a great idea.” And after diving in to add my info on the NeedMentoring page and adding a section on the Advice page, I still think it’s a great idea. I’ve read on a couple of sites (can’t recall where) of late, people bemoaning the regular cast of characters speaking at conferences. What better way to start getting new people into the fold of speaking than connect the usual suspects with new “talent?”

There’s also a page for conference organisers to promote their events.

While a wiki may not be the best format for collecting this information, it’s good to get it started and get the ball rolling. So go enter your info, answer questions, organise and promote your event… right now!


  1. Good find, Matto. I’ve thought about public speaking more (outside of business fraternity meetings) and this seems like a good place to start..

    Now all I have to do is become an expert on something.. ;)

  2. I do know what you mean, but I am not sure you have to be an expert on something to be a speaker. It depends on the venue/format of the presentation of course, but you could run a workshop without being an expert.

    A workshop would be something where you have an idea you want to flesh out and you want to gather 10-12 people in a room for a day to really work it over. In that case, just being passionate about the topic and a good facilitator would be all you need to run something.

    Or you could speak with someone; co-present.

    In a way, 9rules is like a virtual unconference so you are gathering speaking experience each time you blog and interact with your commenters. :)

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