Preshow AEA Boston 2007

I didn’t expect so many people here at An Event Apart Boston 2007. Apparently there’s about 500. Not that the speakers can’t draw that many, I just expected it to be more intimate. This is row on row of chairs. And tables too, which is nice. I saw some of the set up pictures on Jeffrey’s Flickr stream last night and imagined having my laptop (the standout non-Mac one) heating up my legs for hours on end. No power which is usually hit or miss at a conference like this. No reflection on the event for not having it.

I am still undecided as to live blogging the event. I may keep it analog, as the cool kids say these days, but usually when I do that the notes have a tendency to not make it onto the screen. As Steve Portigal can attest.

Listening and trying to be inspired are my main goals. I also want to say hi to people I know and to give Patrick Haney the twenty bucks I owe him.

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  1. I have to agree, I didn’t expect this many people either. I knew it was possible given the speaker lineup, but AEA events were smaller the last time I checked. I think this is a good sign for the Happy Cog peeps.

    And getting paid is always nice. Now you don’t have to buy me lunch.

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