Markup & Style Society Salon

I just got back from an evening in Boston at the Markup & Style Society get-together orgainzed by Ethan Marcotte (whom I met tonight) and Dan Cederholm (whom I did not meet tonight but was there). I wasn’t going to go, but Patrick Haney made me since I owed him 20 bucks.

Paid in full thanks.

I met quite a few people and can put a name to a face for everyone who gave me a business card. :) And I picked up a M&SS pin, but more importantly picked up an “only 5 left” Patrick Haney pin.

I got to give out some business cards and felt like I talked too much. Which is odd given that acute case of xenophobia with which I am afflicted. On the plus side I made some possible connections and think I got at least one more person to sign on to Pink for October. :)

Thanks to Dan and Ethan for the idea and to everyone who showed up for making it happen. I had a lot of fun.


  1. It’s about time you paid me back, sucker! Actually, like I said last night, I had forgotten all about that $20. But it was nice to have more money in my wallet, so I’m not going to complain.

    Oh, and I had only 5 buttons left in my bag. I’ve got about 30 more at home. In case anyone else wants one. Which, they probably don’t.

  2. @patrick: I was trying to create some buzz for your buttons. Hm. That sentence sounds wrong now that I’ve typed it.

    @tammer: Thanks! Every site and visit counts.

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