W3C TPAC Panel

[updated] Here’s someone else’s take on our panel. It’s not entirely accurate in the attributions, but it captures some of the sound bites that were important.

I had the pleasure (truly) of speaking with Molly Holzschlag, Patrick Haney, Aaron Gustafson, and Steph Troeth today in front of the W3C’s Technical Plenary/Advisory Committee here in Cambridge, MA. Here’s a picture of me and Steph on stage. Really. That’s us.

I had a bit of trepidation about the presentation because I felt a bit out of place. I am not that technical. I fell asleep once reading a specification. Okay, not really, but I am not the target audience for the specifications. That actually worked out well I think, as I should be one of the targets for the specs, or at least considered when specifications are written.

We had a lot of good questions in the room and on the supporting IRC channel that’s running during the event. There were also some asshats commenting on IRC. I guess that comes when you are able to hide behind your computer and talk trash. But that isn’t important. The good thing is that I feel we were well listened to and I think understood. Making that understanding actionable will be the next step.

Overall, I am glad to have been invited to speak in front of this audience (about 300ish, just a guess) and I hope the dialog continues. Based on conversations after the panel and during lunch, and while I listen to some of the other presenters, I think it will.

Some one in the audience wrote a post on the event blog about our panel and some commenting has ensued. Well, 2 so far are from panelists. :) Feel free to give your feedback there. Or here. :)