Apple Can’t Have My $2147 Either

Back when the MacBook Air first came out (okay, three days ago), I had the opportunity to paraphrase that always apropos line from The Dirty Dozen, “It’s very pretty. But can it fight?” The consensus is that, yes, it can fight. If by fighting you mean “perfect for conferences or cafés!”

That aside, what most intrigued me was a feature new to the Apple line. No, not multi-touch track pads. No, not the unbelievably thin (until you see it and realize it is believable) form factor. What got my attention was that it comes with a manila envelope.

I’d never thought about it before, but dammit Steve is right: my computing needs have generally gone unfulfilled in terms of manila-like manila-ness. I knew from recent history that I didn’t have $2147 to shell out, let alone $3000+ for a solid-state hard drive (whatever that is). But I got to thinking… You know how Apple sometimes sneaks in features a release or two ahead to see what the reaction is? What if they were just a little too hidey with this Easter Egg

I decided to find out and was shocked, shocked I tell you, about the results. I now present my findings to you.

No animals were harmed during filming, though I did forget about my lunch in the oven.


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