Matto Show Ep 3 — &

In this episode I looked at and

Unfortunately, the problem I was having with earlier in the day was not happening when I went to do the show. Curse them for working properly! :) was submitted by a viewer and we talked about ways to make the community of fan fiction writers more inviting and easier for online reading.

Coming Up

This is the third time I’ve done the show and since the first one, it’s been difficult to get people to show up. I have some ideas about this. First, the time of the show is probably not ideal for most people. Second, as was pointed out to me last night, usability just isn’t funny or gross, so of course no one is interested. Third, I am not an attractive, friendly woman.

So given that so few people are showing up, I might retool this. I still plan on going forward with next week’s episode, but some rethinking needs to be done. And I’d like to hear what you think about it.

I really want this to be an opportunity for you to get free advice on how to make your web site or app better. How can I make it easy for people to get involved with that?


  1. Hey Matto,

    You can only do so much talking about the usability of a website that’ll get people interested in watching/listening to it.

    I’ve watched this video, and I’ve also watched you today, or yesterday on Y!Live talking with a bunch of other people(snook,cindyli,matt brett) and it was “entertaining” in a way to watch :). (My user ID was WP Rockstar btw)

    Anyway, how about mixing those experiences together and discuss the usability of websites with someone else? Talk back n forth, discussing/debating how a particular (maybe popular website/blog) could improve its usability and maybe that might work?

    I wouldn’t mind doing something like this. Talking about usability can lead to some pretty interesting debates too

  2. The conversational approach was suggested to me by someone else as well so it must be a good idea. :) I just need to figure out how much effort I want to put into production.

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