SXSW 2008 — Day the Seconde

Yesterday was the official start of SXSW. I registered and it was surprisingly easy and smooth. So much less chaotic than years past.

I got my badge and my bag.
Bag O' Mostly Crap

I realise that the contents of the bag are part of what pays for SXSW, but what a load of waste. Realistically, SXSW organisers could provide giant recycling bins right next to the bag pick up area. The pile on the right in the picture above is what is getting tossed. I realise that there’s stuff in that toss pile that others may find valuable, but having those recycling bins could also help with the passive voting on the efficacy of each company’s advertising efforts.

I’ve also been meeting a lot of people. Some of whom I can even recall names. This is the haul so far:
The Take So Far

I attended two panels yesterday: Career Rev 342: Dabble Dabble, Toil and Kick Ass, and Battledecks II.

The first panel was pretty good. I unfortunately missed the first half hour as I was hanging out with Abi Jones, but even though the timing of some of the humour was off, I thought the panelists did a good job. And what they covered is something everyone should think about once a week. Basically the premise was how to stay fresh.

The second panel… oy vey. All I can say (and I must digress for a moment to note this is not a statement that stems from any man crush, fanboyness, or attempt to win myself some cred with the cool people) is that Anil Dash rawks my w0rld. And I am comfortable with letting people know that.

To be very fair, yesterday, from other accounts too, was about having fun and not about substance.

Today, Day the Thirde as you might guess, finds me attending 7 or so panels. A couple of which are going on at the same time. And likely after the first panels that sched will go out the window.

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  1. Personally I keep a lot of the stuff in the bag it’s nice to see the designs. I wasn’t too keen on the canvas bag design this year.

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