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matthew oliphant.

Matthew Oliphant is a part-time superhero, swashbuckler, and adventurer extraordinaire. He also rarely optimises his personal sites for any Micro$oft product. He is so 1337 for using an $ for an S.

He also works as a Senior Designer/Usabilitier on (as of July 2006 anyway). Before that he spent 7 years designing web applications for State Farm. State Farm you ask? Strangely enough it is one of the biggest companies in the world; bigger than Microsoft, bigger than all those fancy-pants “Web 2.0” companies that pop up like a gaggle of unfortunately chosen similes.

Matthew has also been:

  • Apparently quoteable
  • A Senior Journeyman Barista
  • A Senior Journeyman Coffee Roaster
  • Magazine editor
  • Actor & director (theatre).
  • Founder of Business Logs (one of the first companies focused on all things related to businesses blogging).
  • Minor helper in the founding of 9rules.
  • Wearer of and tshirts.
  • Possible alternate for a position in the 12 Sexiest Standardistas list.
  • Student of world languages (but only of phrases that are rude).
  • Father of a most excellent daughter named Sagan Aurora Kilauea Oliphant.
  • Husband of an also most excellent woman named Claire.

He writes a lot about design and usability, but also about many, many other things. This is a personal blog and it changes with the person. That person being Matthew Oliphant. Just reminding you in case your ADD kicked in for a sec there.

where I live and work. Matthew lives in Framingham, MA (the green pin) and commutes a whopping 3.8 miles (one way) to work in Natick, MA (the red pin). Roundtrip he commutes 12 miles because Route 9 is dumb.

That red pin, the aforementioned The MathWorks, happens to be hiring. Yes, I realise this is an internal page, but I get the feeling you are looking for a new challenge. Right now, I highly recommend the Senior Usability Specialist position. Always tell them Matthew Oliphant sent you. Seriously. He has a goal to buy a new BMW motorcycle with employee referral bonuses.

Look on my pink works ye mighty and despair!

pink for october

Matthew started Pink for October in early September 2006. For one month, sites opt to turn their designs pink to raise awareness of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. The event takes little effort for most people to be involved and is an easy way for site owners to bring awareness to their visitors.


This site is slightly monetized. An Amazon Associates link appears on many of the products linked in this site. There is also an Amazon aStore used to promote and sell books related to User Experience topics. Matthew does not link to items/products that he does not consider to have some value. Money used from the Associate earnings go to the upkeep of the hosting server account.

Soon there will be a Threadless t-shirt page as well. This will be used to promote the designs of shirts we own as well as sell said shirts and others. Money gained from these sales will be used (and can only be used) to buy more shirts from Threadless.

Lastly, there are Google Ads on the 404 page. Why? Because Matthew forgot to remove them, but now they serve to show how many times the 404 page gets viewed each week. Multi-functional!


Feel free to drop me a line about anything: “matthew at usabilityworks dot org”

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