Some of you may know

Some of you may know I am going back to school next fall (2003) for a double Masters (MBA/MS Environmental Studies). I am starting on the essay questions for the MBA program today:

1. How do your background and goals, strengths and weaknesses, match up with the characteristics and offerings of the Oregon MBA Program or the Master of Accounting Program?

2. Consider the changes wrought by the revolution in information technology; are technological advances identical with progress?

3. A number of universities have attracted considerable notoriety for seeking to monitor and regulate the working conditions in factories owned by, or supplying university vendors. As a future business leader, how do you view such actions?

Not sure what I’ll say, but it has to be brilliant in each 500 words or less.

I’ve been thinking I should document this process of ‘going back to school.’ I am thinking it will be a combination of this blog, video, pictures, and such. So with this, I suppose, it begins.