Usability Professionals’ Association Conference 2005

Looks like I am going to the UPA conference during the last week of June. It’s in Montréal this year. I’ve never been there before and I am looking forward to it.

I arrive the day after St. Jean-Baptiste Day which I hear is a rockin’ good time. Actually, I haven’t heard either way. Also, there will be a jazz festival going on. But as usual I will be working. It is a conference after all. Panels to go to, people to network with, good sushi to eat… :)

It’s probably a little early to be talking about the conference, but one quarter of this year is already done and gone. So I figure the conference will soon be upon us in what will seem to be no time flat. Let me know if you are going, and yes Kevin I am looking into the press admission thing. Just waiting to hear back.

Some friends of mine are off to CHI 2005 next week. I hate them. It’s in Portland, Oregon, where I used to live. I miss it there. Alas. I hope they have a horrible time and learn nothing new. :P