Down Tuh Two To’s

I’ve written before of some of my aggravation with the English language. But recently I came up with an idea tuh help us all out; those currently speaking/writing English (American-style), and those learning.

What was once “to” shall now be “tuh.”

Think about it:

  • “Let’s go tuh the movie now.”
  • “Tuh be quite honest, I’ve never enjoyed your fruitcake.”
  • “It’s times like these that make me want tuh either go into a coma or on a killing spree.”

Tuh. It’s how most people pronounce “to.” Why not make the switch tuh “tuh” and limit some of the confusion when spelling the different to’s? I hesitated writing “to’s” because it doesn’t capture the other two to’s, too. Which is a large part of this problem.

Most new words make it into the dictionary by common usage, so I call on you to take up this charge. It’s time tuh make this change. By this time next year, “tuh” will be the new “podcast,” “blogoshpere,” or “compunctious.”

In addition, please write “writing” as “wriding,” and “going to” as “gunuh.”

Conversely, all you heathens can just start pronouncing words as they are written. I’m all about options.