Fellow 9ruler, James Archer, has just launched Podbasket.

A great idea. All you have to do is give them the URL of the audio file and they take care of the rest.

Personal audio collection: If you keep coming across cool audio files on the web, but don’t like the hassle of copying them to your portable MP3 player, just paste the URL into your Podbasket and we’ll take care of the rest. Subscribe to your personal podcast feed with iTunes or your favorite podcatcher, and the audio files you choose will be automatically copied whenever you update your MP3 player.

Quick & easy podcasting: All you have to do is copy the audio files to a web server and give us their URLs — and then you’re podcasting, baby! We’ll give you a custom RSS feed URL that you can give to your listeners, so they can subscribe to your hot new show.

Sharing data files with friends or colleagues: A podcast doesn’t just have to be about audio — you can use it to notify your contacts of new PDFs, Word documents, or almost any other kind of file.

You can feel safe putting all your pods in one basket. ;) And did I mention it is a free service? Free is good.

James seems to be set on taking over niche aspects of podcasting. He also built Fruitcast, an easy way to serve up advertising on your podcasts.

Good luck, James!