Pink for October 2007

October is here. I’ve been working hard on Pink for October in preparation for today. So hard in fact that I almost forgot to write about it here.

This year is interesting because I am using a lot more “channels” than I used last year. Flickr, Twitter, Viddler, and Facebook. Of course last year was much more fly by the seat of our pants than it was this year. This year was more about ambling slowly, then realizing we are ambling slowly on top of a fast moving train. :)

My sincere thanks to Tam Lister for designing the Pink for October site and for commiserating on many a subject.

Thanks go to Zach Inglis as well for coding the app that runs our sign up list. This was a tough one as we had many issues related to my Media Temple server. Had I been on a dedicated virtual server I think all would have been fine, but the grid server and Rails don’t seem to get along 100%. More like 95%.

And speaking of Media Temple… I’d also like to thank Destiny who works there. She has been really helpful in checking of the processes run by the app and tracking down answers to some of our problems.

Here’s to a great and change inducing event!

On a very side note, because nothing can help when it started, I passed the 5 year mark with blogging. September 17, 2002 was my obligatory hello world post. I have done a lot related to the web and blogging in the last 5 years.

Blogging grew up quickly relative to static HTML sites and ecommerce. I got out of blog consulting professionally for a while, but I am back in with the next big thing: social computing. Or is that passé already?