How Much Do I Really Need the Web?

The power just came back on here.

It was out for under 10 minutes and looked like it took out most of my ZIP Code as everything south of us was dark, but on the north side of Route 9 the lights were still shining. The only thing that was lighting the room when the power went out was the display on my laptop.

Power goes out, battery kicks in.

My first thought is, “Well… at least I’ll have something to do while the power’s out.” Except, of course, you need power to run the wifi. Power to run the modem. Power to get to the damnable internet!

My second thought, after the brief trip to “oh, duh” was, “Well… this computer is useless now.”

This $1200 computer, with thousands of dollars of software on it was useless with the power out. Because I couldn’t get web access.

How much to I really need the web? Apparently really really.