I am going to take

I am going to take the GMAT again. I did the online full-length practice test (just focusing on the math) and got a 320. If I had gotten a 320 on the real test, I’d have an unofficial 670.

So Claire bought me an Algebra refresher book. Should help with my regular math class, too. It boasts tricks and tools for those who get the jitters just thinking about math! Woo.

I also got my 3 letters of recommendation. Thank you Kim, John, and Dawn. I have 1 of the 3 essays written for the MBA application. (I’ll be posting my responses to the essay questions when I finish them.) And I am going to send off my Grad school application this week. Still have to finish the MBA and MS applications.

The whole applying process needs a retooling of the user experience. Too many different places to go to get the right information on what to send. And often the information (even within a department) contradicts itself.