Simplifying Simplicity — Striking While the Irony Is Hot

I read Paul’s weigh in on simplicity yesterday (I notice he didn’t link to my post on simplicity! ;) ) and also took a look at based on an article I read on Read/Write Web. It got me thinking about Google…

Google’s home page is often touted for many reasons (good and bad), but one reason in particular that many other search engines have copied is the “get straight to the searching” UI. There isn’t much on the Google home page, and I agree (with most people) that there shouldn’t be.

current google home page

One of the tenets of simplicity is that you strip out everything you can while leaving the core functionality untouched and hopefully still easy to use. So how can we take Google’s simple home page and simplify it? I know it has been proposed many times to redesign Google’s Home page. I am not proposing that.

I am proposing removing one of the UIs that Google uses. That one above. How do you simplify simplicity? Remove that which is repeated.

my version of google's home page

You don’t really need the current Google home page since all the functionality it contains is on the results page. And if all the functionality is there, the home page becomes irrelevant.

current google results page

There you have it. I simplified simplicity. Don’t I rock? That’ll be $25,000 please.