Originally posted on SVN

Originally posted on SVN.

I feel strange. I didn’t find out about it until about 1pm EST. We don’t have TV. Turned on the radio to NPR to get some info. Went online to try and see something. But the major online sources want to charge for viewing streams. Got an MSNBC stream, but it was very low quality.

The strange part is that, while I do think it is bad news, I don’t really feel much about it. I don’t think it has anything to do with the over stimulation of September 11th. Before the Challenger accident happened, every shuttle launch seemed to capture people’s imagination. I remember we used to watch each launch in school. And we watch the Challenger. And we watched the first launch after the Challenger.

But for a long time now I would hear something like, “The shuttle docked with the space station today,” and think, “The shuttle went up?” I just haven’t paid attention to it for a long time.

Maybe it is because there is just to much to try to pay attention to these days. I don’t know. I am not being callous. I do feel bad for the families left behind. After reading some of the bios, I do think that these were exceptional people. But I just don’t feel all that bad. Maybe I will in a few days. Dunno.

But I do not think we should stop going up. Perhaps we should try launching something a little less fragile, but we need to explore what we can see. As high as the stars, as deep as the ocean. Rightly, they should pause the program and investigate, but they shouldn’t stop altogether. Take this sad opportunity to redesign.

Speaking of redesign… I listened to an interview with Alex Roland on NPR this morning. He’s long been critical of NASA (supportive of space exploration). An interesting interview.