Gawker Media Expands Its Empire

It’s an odd day for us here at Business Logs.

Due to the enormous interest in the new 9rules Network as well as the success of Business Logs over the past year, we apparently became too interesting not to pursue.

This week, Nick Denton made us an offer we couldn’t refuse (for a number of reasons) and as such Business Logs and 9rules are now a part of Gawker Media, Inc.

We’ll provide details as we can release them, but basically we know someone will write about this in the next few days (you know how those blog people are) and we wanted to be the source of the first announcement.

With that, we extend a hearty hello to the other Gawker sites, and will now go about resisting temptation to buy matching Jaguars. This is why Paul was asking about retirement options for freelancers yesterday.

12 replies on “Gawker Media Expands Its Empire”

  1. Good attempt people – but nothing gets past this blogger :-)

    Although the thought of someone buying out my blogs did give me happy thoughts as I dropped off to sleep last night.

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