26 Days

I had occasion to buy some wine today. The occasion being there was a bottle of wine in front of me and I bought it.

The clerk checked my ID because of my youthful countenance no doubt. Then as I was leaving she said, “Happy Early Birthday.” Oh that’s right, I responded.

So, 26 days til my birthday. I am thinking of having a party. Wanna come? :) Most of my friends live further than a 2 hour drive. Actually, most of my friends live further than a 2 hour plane ride. The likelihood that anyone I invite could make it is slim.

I did start to think, though, that we could have a Web Design/Usability/Blog conference. That way for some of you it could be a write-off trip. Conference sessions could take place while playing Disc Golf. Passionate debates on fixed vs. liquid (hey, why not) could take place at my fav coffee spot. Maybe I could swing a tour of the fab usability lab we have a dayjob.

Or, highly more likely, I could just hang out with Claire and Sagan. This is the trouble with living so far away from people you know and being an introvert (recovering). Maybe I should just go live in another country or something.

So we’ll see. I have 25 days to plan something. And whatever it is, you are welcome to attend. Just BYOE.